Thursday, October 20, 2011

Killing for Fun?

Let me start by saying, I don't believe that hunting is a sin.  I never said it is wrong per say to go out into the woods and kill something, bring it home and eat it.  God says in the Bible we may eat the animals for food. I eat meat, I love a good hamburger, chicken, and pepperoni.  I buy it at the store, but if I had to go out and hunt it down, I guarantee I'd never eat it again.

I don't understand how someone can go into the woods and kill something.  I can't imagine getting close enough to a beautiful deer, look into her big brown eyes, aim your gun at her and kill her.  Watch her fall, witness the life drain out of her, and high five your buddies about what a good job you did.  Repulsive.

Such amazing creatures as the majestic bear, elk or moose...I'd love to go find them in the woods, get close to them, but not to hurt them.  I would want to interact with them, talk to them, learn from them, help them, nurture them, shelter them, enjoy their beauty. 

When an animal dies, I believe it deserves respect and dignity.  So, if you must kill it and then eat it, so be it.  BUT to HANG HIS DEAD HEAD ON YOUR WALL????  Makes me want to vomit.  I think that buck deserves to go back to the earth as nature intended.  "Lets make him look just like he did when he was alive and even give it eyes to stare at us!"  What??

Some idiot once said, "well that's why we hang it up, so we can appreciate its beauty." Well, I think my Grandma is beautiful, but I'm not going to chop her head off when she dies and mount it over the fireplace!  I have PHOTOS of her on the wall.

Another idiot said, "we HAVE to hunt them, its natural selection." No, natural selection, survival of the fittest is driven by the idea of culling out the weak and the sick, not going after the biggest and the strongest.  When someone goes out hunting they chase the best ones, not the slowest and the smallest.  Try again moron.

The best, or worst one is, "Its a sport." Oh yea, how hard is it to win when you are the one with the gun and your prey has no idea of the game in the first place?  Don't sports have to have some kind of a challenge or some kind of actual skill for the player to master?  Oh gee, you can shoot your gun and kill an innocent and unsuspecting animal that never did anything to hurt you are quite the accomplished sportsman.  I don't care how much fancy and expensive equipment you think you need to buy and all the sitting in a tree waiting for them to walk by, it is NOT a sport.  It's an ambush, especially when they start at one end of the forest and 'flush' them all out the other end where some idiots with guns are waiting to shoot at whatever comes running out!!  When your opponent doesn't have a chance of winning, you aren't really playing fair now are you?

Well, if we don't thin out the population, then they will get sick and die off.  SO???  This is nature.  That is what is supposed to happen.  If you have a HUGE overpopulation of cats on the farm, what happens?  They get sick and they all die out.  Then new ones move in and start over.  That's what nature does, on her own and its natural.  Let it happen.

Again, I don't think its wrong, I just can't understand how someone can do it.  Do I think we should let all the cows go and not have farms?  No.  If done in a humane and properly respectful way, raising beef and swine, chickens and whatnot for eating is ok.  I could not be the one to slit their throats or cut them up, but if the butcher does it with respect and quickly, I don't think it is wrong.  If it were up to me alone to butcher, then I would never eat meat again, as I couldn't do it. 

If killing something is "fun" for you...well...I don't get it.