Friday, July 22, 2011

Angry at Ignorance

I was angry when I went to bed and jumped right back into it when I woke up.  This is not good, you should never go to bed angry, but how am I supposed to make up to a tv show??

Here's the deal.  KGAN news had a segment about "taste testing brand name pet foods vs. store brands."  WHAT!!  DUH!!  Dogs will eat anything.  They eat poop. They eat that festering pile of old deer carcass in the back yard.  They will eat rat poison too, does this mean we should let them?

When you are sitting at a news desk, you kind of have some authority.  You need to especially practice responsible journalism.  Some people only get their information from you and don't use their own brain power to research and to discern if what you say is accurate, they just take you at your word. "I saw on the news that its ok to feed Fido cheap food because he will eat it." By doing this ridiculous piece, they were doing a HUGE disservice to their viewers!  They can't even do their own research and ask just one professional about the difference between cheap food and the brand names?  They can't even look into why one is better than the other?

If you put a pile of candy and chips and pop in front of a child and a pile of fruits and veggies, which one is he going to eat.  The junk food of course.  Does this mean that it is good for him?  Does this mean that it is ok to feed him a diet of cookies and sugar because it is cheaper than quality, nutrient rich food? 

The benefits of a high quality pet food are so enormous that there is no question as to the difference between crappy food and good food.

1) by eating a quality diet filled with real meat, veggies and vitamins, a dog will flourish and live a longer, healthier life just like a person would.  Look at the bag.  Read the ingredients.  The first ingredient should be real meat, not by-products or meal.  By eating a balanced diet, they will get sick less often and it will help prevent more trips to the vet, therefore more money to the vet.  A balanced diet will give them all the correct nutrients they need.

2) they will be able to process and USE more of the good food than the crappy food that contains fillers and bulk that they will not be able to use and it comes right back out as feces.  When they have a food that is all fillers they have to eat more food to get more nutrients out of it, therefore, you have to BUY more food.  If given a complete diet and a quality food free of fillers, dyes and preservatives, they will eat LESS to get what they need out of it.  This also will produce LESS feces, less gas.

3) there are lots of harmful colors, dyes, preservatives in less quality foods.  Those colorful pieces aren't in there for Fido, they are meant to appeal to the owner.  Many dogs are allergic to fake dyes and colors, some of them are even toxic.  Fido doesn't care if his kibble is red, yellow and green so it looks like veggies and fruit...he only cares that you love him and feed him.  There are already so many things in his environment that he can react to, don't give him more. 

4) proper nutrients will give Fido a healthier, shinier coat.  They will not only look nicer, feel softer, but they will SHED less!  Crappy diets result in more hair loss, more dry itchy skin.  You want less shedding, feed him a good diet. 

So if you care about Fido and want him to have a longer, healthier life, less trips to the vet, less poop, less shedding, why wouldn't you give him a high quality diet?  Price.  Ok, you don't have to get the most expensive one.  There are many QUALITY diets that won't break the bank.  READ the LABEL -  look at the ingredients.  You don't want colors, dyes, fillers like corn.  You do want real meats, veggies, foods you can pronounce.

I feel very strongly about this subject.  I often see consumers in Walmart with bags of crap in their cart and I have to hold myself back not to go up to them start telling them how bad that stuff is.  Many people aren't trying to cheat Fido, they just DON'T KNOW.  They aren't informed of the differences between quality and crap food.  KGAN would have done a MUCH MUCH better piece had they done this research and reported on the differences between name brands and store brands rather than just doing a worthless taste test.  DUH.  I'd eat junk food all day too if I thought I could be healthy while doing it.  Ignorance of the subject only hurts Fido.

BTW, I did post on KGAN's facebook and website last night as I was yelling at the tv. No response.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bidet Bliss

Last evening, my girls and I went to the movie Cars 2.  (it was very enjoyable although not really geared toward kids, but it was quite an exciting road trip but very exhausting) I thought this was going to be the highlight of my evening, until we went to a restaurant where I had my first bidet experience.  Everyone should get one of these babies.

So, we went to the local Japanese eatery to eat some monkey brains. (side note: no actual monkeys were killed to provide us with this treat, it was stuffed mushrooms but it does trouble me some that someone who named them does know what monkey brains do look like).  Anywho, I remembered the last time my friend and I were there she commented that the toilet seat was warmed.  Hmmm...since then I had regretted not checking this out.

When we were munching, my dining companion went to the bathroom and when she returned she commented on the warm seat as well, so of course I had to scurry in and investigate this phenomenon.  There were a lot of buttons. (notice that the word buttons starts with the word "butt" and these were next to your butt...hmmm...)

I love buttons...they can do so many things.  Well, I think the potty here should have a warning on the door "do not use toilet unless you have your reading glasses on, pushing the wrong button could result in undesired effects."

See there were lots of buttons with tiny print on them.  There was the one that said "bidet". Got it.  There was one that said "massage" and one that said "pulse". Ok you can control the water that way.  There were buttons for the temperature of the water, and the temperature of the seat.  Awesome.  BUTT there was one button that scared me a bit.  If someone of a somewhat more advanced age were to sit on said potty and not have their their readers on, they might not be able to decipher this one and I would hate to have them accidentally push it.  I could read it and my finger stayed as far away from it as it could.  It said "enema." I am NOT kidding.  Who in their right mind would want that service?  Especially in a public restaurant??  I'm a bit worried that some half blind or unsuspecting lady would be all atwitter at the big strip of buttons (as I often am when I encounter a bank of blinking, or glowing buttons just waiting to be pushed) and full of ignorance, push the enema button.  Shudder.

Would we hear a scream from the bathroom?  Or perhaps she just wouldn't be able to rejoin her party for quite a bit of time because she accidentally started a big job that she now is forced to finish??  Ooops, once certain flights are launched, there isn't any returning to the runway till your destination is reached, if you get my drift.  Oh and where was the air filter button?? 

If I hadn't had my friends awaiting me back at my table I might have spent an inordinate amount of time in there.  That thing was awesome.  I only tinkled, and the light spray of warm water on my bum was quite pleasant, but I shudder to wonder how it would perform if I had had to leave a somewhat heavier load.  I am pretty sure that little trickle of water wouldn't do much for the clean up area.  Then there was a button that said "dryer".  This was a nice stream of warm air to dry my netheregions.  This also did not quite do it for me, kinda like those air dryers for your hands, only you can't just give up and wipe your butt on your pants now can you?  Thank goodness they still had good old toilet paper available!  I still did my paperwork despite the high tech drying button.

I did not see any button for music.  I have seen this available on-line when I saw the world's most expensive toilet on yahoo once.  You could program your music preferences into it and then when you were getting the job done your soundtrack would play for you.  Hmmm... interesting.  I would of course need certain ones for number 1 and certain ones for number 2.  Different kinds of inspiration are needed you know.  Although I tend to read while on the porcelain throne.  I have been known to finish whole novels - never say I'm not multi-tasking!  There should be a complete library on the other side - oh I know -  there should be a pop-up nook loaded with a variety of choices.  Oh wait, not in a public restroom.  They don't really want to encourage you to stay that long. 

I wonder if they would notice if I came back every day to take my daily constitutional there....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small Towns

I grew up in a very small town.  A lot of people will say they did too.  No...I'm not talking about a small city, with a few thousand people, I'm talking about a tiny little  hovel with 300 people.  I'm not exaggerating, I never in a million trillion years ever exaggerate.  We maxed out at 300 at best.  We had to change the sign when someone died.  We never had to when someone moved in, because that never happened.

My class had 8 people in it.  Yep.  Four girls, four boys.  Two were twins.  None of the other 3 girls lived in town, so I was the only one that didn't ride the bus.  I lived one block from school.  My mom was the secretary, so I couldn't do anything bad or she'd find out about it before I even got in trouble for it.  BUT even if she wasn't on the premises, she would have heard all about it for sure.  Basically sports were the measure of a person's worth.  Sportsmen were gods and goddesses.  If you were good at Football or Basketball, you were it.  If not, you were worthless.  I wasn't even on the scale!  LOL.

If you sneezed and there was a speck of blood in it, the lady two houses down would call the lady next to her and tell her that you had lost a ton of blood and were being rushed to the ER.  That lady would call the other lady across the street and tell her that you were in the ER and barely clinging to life and in need of a blood donation.  That lady would call the neighbor guy and tell him that you were in dire need of a kidney transplant and you were offering millions of dollars for someone to donate one.  It would go off in various directions from there.  It would develop a life of its own and some would have you dead, some would not even have a shred of something correct left in it.  Men were NOT immune to this either.  Men are sometimes worse than women at spreading dreadful lies and gossip.  They have coffee three times a day at the local eatery just like the women do and they can't even talk about sewing and cooking.  One can only ruminate on the state of the corn and the high price of gas for so long until they make something up to impress each other.

If Matilda knew you had sneezed but you didn't call her and tell her, she'd just make it up.  "I know something happened over there, I am pretty sure I saw blood and the ambulance.  She must be almost dead....or some old ladies even felt they had the right to know what was going on.

My father still lives in the house I grew up in. Smack dab in the middle of town.  He is in the thick of things when it comes to gossip himself, but when he was starting to date my now step-mom, she came the first time to visit him and parked her car in front of his house.  Nosey Nora across the street honed in on the strange car and had the nerve to call my dad!  She insisted she had to know who that car belonged to and why is parked in front of his house?  I'm not sure what Dad said, but if I had answered the phone I would have said something like "oh that's my lesbian lover who gave me the Clap and she told me she got it from you."  Good thing I wasn't around that day.

I have come to despise such invasive and hurtful gossip.  They don't even keep the story straight, it just morphs into a saga all its own and the more juicy, corrupt, and hateful they can make it, the better.  These idiots need hobbies, they need a life.  When my parents got divorced, you can just imagine the stories that flew about town with such speed and such utter filth I was nauseated.

So, coming from a tiny hovel of 300 old gossipy geezers, I was THRILLED to move to a city of 9,000 people for college!!  I was amazed at how you could live in a place where you might not even know who your neighbor was, let alone who their parents were and where they worked and what they ate for supper.  There was a Walmart, Pizza Hut, and Dairy Queen within walking distance!!  What else could a person want?  Our closest of any of those was a half hour drive away when I was growing up.

I could even walk down the street without anybody peering out from behind their curtains to see who I was and make up where I was going!  Wow.  This was great.  Nobody even cared what I did or whom I might have done it with.  I could wear what I wanted without anyone critiquing it, go out without doing my hair without an alarm going off, and I could be me.

When you only have 3 other girls in your class, and you are not exactly like them, you feel alone in the world.  I never met another person like myself until college.  The day I met another girl who felt exactly like I did with my mother and the divorce, I sobbed.  I had found someone else who knew what I had gone through.   I had felt like I was abnormal, weird, odd.  Now I KNOW I am a little odd, but I'm ok with it...giggle.

I just wasn't the same as anyone else in my school.  (we did join with a neighboring school in HS, but our graduating class was 35 people so still slim pickins)  I was ok just the way I was, as were they, we were just different.  Different

In college you can and are encouraged to explore who you really are, what you like and what you don't like.  How you really want to dress, it may not be how the other girls are all dressed, you might want to try something new.  It was mind boggling.

I now live in a HUGE city of about 8,000 and I am so happy!  I would never go back to any small hovel again.  I don't even enjoy going back to visit very much.  All those beady little eyes peering out at you and making up lies about you to each other.  I feel so sad for those kids from my school who never left that environment.  But as long as I don't have to go back there, I'm good!!