Friday, December 12, 2014

Why I Don't Cook

I'm no Martha Stewart or Rachael Rae, this I will readily admit.  I am barely even ok with boiling water and making a TV dinner, but if I concentrate and work hard, I am able to bake a decent cake and make an occasional batch of cookies. Or I used to anyway.

Well, my very best friend ever Kris Larson is an expert in the art of cooking....especially in making the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  Whenever we go to her house, she always shares with us an endless supply of delicious cookies. I slacked off in ever making them because I don't really enjoy all the work and hers are very near perfection. I knew I could never hope to make any even half as great as hers, so I never really tried to do so.

Well, my husband is quite a fan of her cookies, as am I, and he suggested I make some to refill his cookie tin that he keeps in his truck. Kris had been doing that, but he said he didn't want her to feel like she had to keep doing so. I even had her recipe on file so I thought I could at least try to make some "good" cookies, but of course never try to duplicate perfection.  I was just aiming for something edible, perhaps even enjoyable to the taste buds.

So, I endeavored to make a batch. Its quite a process for me to work up to cooking something...I have to mull it over for a while, make sure I know all the steps, procrastinate for a few hours, and then perhaps start pre-heating the oven.  I finally talked myself into making them and slaved for HOURS in the kitchen, sweat rolling down my face and flour on my shirt, but I powered through.  I remember adding all the ingredients and thinking that the finished dough tasted quite good. I put in the first batch and watched them carefully to make sure they did not burn.

As soon as I got the warm freshly baked goodies out of the oven, I excitedly called my husband into the kitchen to sample a warm cookie.  Keep in mind I never cook and I slaved for hours on these suckers.

His first words and I kid you NOT - "Well, they aren't as good as Kris Larsons."
Followed by - "Was the Crisco you used fresh? They taste kinda stale."

Had I not been so exhausted sitting in my chair across the room from him I would have wacked him in the family jewels. I was too stunned to reply at first. Then I ripped the remaining cookie from his hand and said "Fine, you don't have to eat any more then."

"What? I was being honest. They aren't that bad..." Too late buddy - you screwed it up!!! Keep in mind we have been married for almost 15 years, he's no novice at this relationship stuff, he's not a newlywed or usually a stupid man...but hello...first you compare me to the ultimate example of perfection, then you say they taste stale???  I thought they tasted pretty darn good!!  They smelled great, they looked nice, the chip to dough ratio was spot on and they were moist and not too hard.

Stale as they might have been, that didn't stop him from eating another 6 of them in the am before he went to work.  I took a bowlful to work to see what other people thought of my treats.  I didn't tell them anything at first, just had them all try one and they were RAVING about how moist they were and how I could make them cookies every day!  Then I told them what my husband had said and they almost choked on the cookie. They couldn't believe he'd been so stupid. Stale? Nobody detected any hint of staleness, and they were very tasty and everyone gobbled them up quickly. A few people suggested a few ideas of what to say to my husband when I got home.

Whew!  I just felt better because my co-workers confirmed what I thought already, my cookies were darn good all on their own and he could just kiss my big patootie.

So....when my beloved got home from work I informed him how much everyone loved my cookies and he says "I told you they were good..." I snorted so loud the dog fell off the couch.

"What?" he says. So I relayed to him word for word what he said, it was burned into my brain. He said so, I was being honest. He said he didn't say anything wrong because NOBODY could ever hope to come close to being as good at cookies as Kris Larson and if the Crisco was stale, that was not my fault so I can't be offended.

So he totally didn't even get the point. Sometimes you should just know when to eat the cookie, smile and say how wonderful it tastes. Now if it is something that is inedible, such as a lemon pie I once tried to make long ago (whole nother story right there people) then he would need to say something. Something like this was toxic waste and might kill someone. BUT if the food, such as these lovely cookies were decent, maybe even good, shut up and eat the cookie...take a few more and tell me how great they are buddy.

Why do you even wonder why I never cook???

Sunday, November 16, 2014

It takes two...

How come it takes two to plant and grow a friendship but it only takes one to let it die?

How come it takes two for an embrace but it only takes one to let go?

How come it takes two to start a marriage but it only takes one to file for divorce?

How come it takes two to make "us", but it only takes one to leave and make it just "me"?

Love isn't forever.  We tell each other I love you forever, but it should really say I love you until we grow apart and move on.  Its not either of us at fault, its just how life moves and flows and you might not fit in with my life.  I will love you until we stop calling each other and we get involved with other friends and our lives don't intersect anymore, then I won't really love you much anymore.  I will love you until I replace you and someone else can make me feel like you used to.

This could be in a romantic relationship or a deep friendship.  I've been reflecting a lot lately on the later. We were inseparable, we cried together, we shared a life.  We were so happy when we could schedule classes together. I'd never bared my true soul to another in the way I poured it all out to her.  I felt like I'd found someone who actually understood how I felt and felt much the same way.  I used to rush home from class to spend all my free time with her. We could talk about anything and we sure did.  We did everything together, we were like one person...we planned how we would live next to each other when we left she doesn't even send me a return Christmas card....I only know she's still alive because of a few posts on Facebook.  We used to share ONE life, now we don't even know what each other is doing, feeling, or thinking.  I quickly found out when we left for our prospective new lives, she didn't plan on including me in hers.  Un-returned phone calls, not many emails, no visits, nothing.  It took two of us to build this beautiful friendship, but it only takes one to let it die...I can't hold it all together from one side.

Another really special friend I had used to tell me we would be friends forever, and she basically kept me alive while in high school, but after she and her husband moved to another state, I guess she wanted to leave me behind as well.  I used to make sure and see her every time I came home from college and we'd pick up like we'd never been apart. She was like a mother/mentor to me since I met her in HS.  She got me through a very dark time...with her hugs, her laughter, her strength and faith in God. I always wondered "How would she respond to this or would she think this was a good idea?"  When I met James, my husband, he had to pass her test first.  I would have defied most everyone else, but not her.  If she thought he was bad news, it would have been over. She was in my wedding, she was a huge part of my life in HS and into college.  We exchanged emails every day and visited every change I got to come see her.  She even came to visit me in my dorm.  But after I wed and she moved, the emails trailed off, the visits were never and I haven't heard her voice in years.  I guess it only took one of us to let the relationship whither to dust. 

Both of these incredible women were a major part of my life and helped to mold me into the person I have become. Without them, I would probably be dead or at least have given up a long time ago.  I know we need to continue on and realize that not everyone is meant for a lifetime journey with us, but I HATE IT!!  I want to be in their lives forever and they in mine, but apparently promises aren't always kept, relationships aren't always forever and love doesn't always stay.

Why does it take two to tango but it only takes one to stop the dance?

Why does it take two to sing a duet but it only takes one to make it a solo?

Why does it take two to make a promise but it only takes one to break it?

Neither woman will ever read this blog because they aren't in my life to even know I wrote it.  Perhaps one day when we all get to heaven I can understand why such important relationships have to change and go away...why we can literally depend on someone one day and barely know them the next?

I wonder if anyone views me as the one to let it die?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Animals ARE in Heaven

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord." Psalm 150:6

Hmmm....all animals have breath, therefore animals praise the Lord.  So, they can praise the Lord but not enter Heaven with him? That's ridiculous.

"And all flesh shall see the salvation of God" Luke 3:6

All flesh...all animals.  Salvation is Heaven. Salvation means: the act of saving from harm or loss; redemption - thank you Websters dictionary.

Won't the new Heaven and the new Earth be just like the Garden of Eden?  Were there not animals there?  He says "the lion shall lie down with the lamb..." how can that happen if there are no animals?

"The wolf and the lamb will feed together, the lion will eat straw like the ox" Isaiah 65:25.  How can that happen in the new Heaven if animals are not there do so?

I've heard "animals don't have souls." How do you know?  Show me where in the bible it says either animals do NOT have souls or animals will NOT be in Heaven.  You can't.  Who are we to LIMIT God and his vast expanse of love and his kingdom? Perhaps they don't have the same kind of soul that we do, but does that mean they don't have one at all?  Who are you to say so?  Just because they cannot speak English, we know what they think? Will there not be trees and streets of gold and castles in Heaven - they don't have souls...yet they are talked about in Heaven....GOD MADE the animals....everything he made is GOOD and PRECIOUS.  Why would he not want them in Heaven with him?

I've heard "animals can't confess their sin and ask for forgiveness like we must do." How do you know??  Who are you to say Fido doesn't talk to God every day just like you do?  How are we to know what kind of communication animals have with their creator? Who are we to limit that ability? Who are you to say that Fido does NOT have conversations with his creator?  Perhaps they have their own set of 10 commandments that we don't even have a clue about and their own bible written in their language?  Who are we to limit their spirituality?

Who among us has not had the supreme honor of being loved and cared for by an animal?  Who can love an animal and not know that they know what pure and true love really is?  They would lay down their lives for us in a blink of an eye, they are there for us unconditionally and despite how badly they are treated.  Why would God allow us to connect so intimately and bond so tightly with animals to deny us eternal glory with them in Heaven? I cannot even imagine a possibility that a loving and just God would not include his animals in his perfect Heaven.  I have prayed and talked to God many times in my life about if animals are in Heaven.  I believe with my entire heart, just as strongly as I believe in God himself, that animals DO GO TO HEAVEN.  I know with confidence my Abbie is there waiting for me.  I know that Jesus welcomed her home and told her she took wonderful care of me and accomplished her job here on Earth very very well.

I know others will continue to argue against it, but why?  Why do you so want animals excluded in Heaven??  Why would this be a bad thing to believe in? Why would you not want all of God's perfect creation in Heaven with us when we spend eternity worshiping our Lord?  I think Abbie will be right there with me, as we BOTH bow down before OUR creator and worship him together.

No, the bible does not word for word say "animals will be in Heaven." But it does not say "animals are not in Heaven" either. So we ask Jesus. Then you make your own decision with him as your guide.